Bakpax - AI that reads handwriting and grades assignments for you.

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Bakpax reads handwriting and grades assignments for you. It gives you deeper insight into class performance and gives your students immediate feedback.

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How It Works

Bakpax Lets You Be a Teacher Not a Grader


Teachers Snap a Picture of The Assignment

Take a picture of your assignment or upload a PDF from your computer. Bakpax will convert the questions and answers to formatted, interactive text. Answers can be up to four words in length, as well as any numerical value.


Students Snap a Picture of Their Work

Students are so used to their devices. Now they can use them for handing in assignments. No more "the dog ate my homework"!

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Bakpax Instantly Grades and Provides Analytics

Teachers can use this daily record of what students got right and wrong to understand their classes better than ever.

"Once you try Bakpax you'll never go back to your old way of grading math papers again!"

Breeze Patten Breeze Patten California Middle School Math Teacher

"Bakpax allows for more instructional time with my students which has been a great benefit."

Dr. Gisselle Gutierrez Dr. Gisselle Gutierrez Florida High School Math Teacher

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