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Why Bakpax?

Save Time Grading

Save hours grading every week. That’s more time for your students or yourself.

Get Performance Insights

See which topics are easier or more challenging for your students.

Engage Students

Provide students with instant feedback when they’re still most engaged.

All Devices

Students can use any device – or paper and pencil – to submit to Bakpax.

In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid

Bakpax is perfect for in-class or virtual learning, or seamless hybrid learning.

Digitize Content

Easily convert your content to digital and find 1000s of free assignments.

How It Works

Step 1: Add Assignments

Teachers easily add their assignments to Bakpax, or choose from 1000s of pre-made assignments.

Step 2: Students Submit Work

Students either complete their work online from any device, or upload a photo of their paper.

Step 3: Get Instant Grade Results

Bakpax reads students’ handwritten and text submissions and grades assignments in seconds. Teachers save time and students get instant feedback.


Teachers Love Bakpax!

“The grades for homework have been much better this year because of Bakpax. Students are excited to be in my room, they’re telling me they love math, and those are things that I don’t normally hear.”

Jennifer T., Middle & High School Math Teacher

“I can’t tell you how many people I have told about Bakpax; this is an amazing product. With the digital learning that my students need to engage in, it takes less time to assess them because the answers that I wrote are right in front of me for each student. It has made a tremendous difference in the way I am assessing students and the time that it takes me to assess.”

Erin B., Middle School Math & ELA Teacher

“I loved how easy it is to use. The amount of time it takes to grade papers is drastically reduced. This product is exactly what I was looking for. Grading papers took up a lot of time. Now I can grade an assignment in less than 5 minutes! An educator’s dream come true!”

Eva J., Teacher


As Seen In

All Students, Any Device.

Bakpax offers ultimate flexibility. Students can submit assignments for autograding by:

  • taking a photo of their handwritten answers

  • drawing or writing directly on their device
  • typing with Bakpax’s text and math keyboards

  • uploading an edited PDF or file

How Students Use Bakpax

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