Bakpax saves teachers the time and trouble of grading. It offers deeper insight into class performance, and gives students instant feedback to increase their engagement

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Students snap a picture of their work

Students are so used to their devices. Now they can use them for handing in assignments. No more "the dog ate my homework"!

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Bakpax grades for Completion AND Accuracy

Bakpax reads their handwriting and auto-grades their answers

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Teachers monitor results and gain insights

Teachers can use this daily record of what students got right and wrong to understand their classes better than ever.

Understand Bakpax in 60 seconds:

Results from teachers already saving time:

You'll never go back to your old way of grading

"Bakpax has so much potential to significantly help math teachers lighten their workload. It easily helped me see how students were understanding the concepts and making connections. Bakpax saved me time in grading and helped me get immediate feedback to my students. Once you try Bakpax you'll never go back to your old way of grading math papers again!"
—Breeze Patten, California Middle School Math Teacher

Dr. Gisselle Gutierrez

Very User Friendly

"Bakpax is very user friendly and has been an easy transition for my students. Bakpax has allowed me to check homework prior to class and has given me back ten minutes of class time per class period every single day. This allows for more instructional time with my students which has been a great benefit."
—Dr. Gisselle Gutierrez, Florida High School Math Teacher

How it works:

Take a picture of your assignments. Bakpax converts images to formatted, interactive text. Now you can mix and match your content at will! Then just tell us the answers, and from then on we can grade your assignments automatically.


Print your assignment for students. When they finish, they just snap a picture, and Bakpax compares their answers to yours, instantly grading them. It's that simple. For now, we can only auto-grade a sentence or less of words and pretty much any math other than graphing.


Sit back each night and watch the results roll in. Monitor class results and trends over time, ensuring student progress