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A Gallery of DataAnalyzing DataAngle-Side-Angle Triangle CongruenceAre They All Similar?Associations in Categorical DataBisect ItBuild ItCalculating Measures of Center and VariabilityCausal RelationshipsComparing Data SetsComparing and Contrasting Data DistributionsConditions for Triangle SimilarityCongruence for QuadrilateralsCongruent Parts, Part 1Congruent Parts, Part 2Congruent Triangles, Part 1Congruent Triangles, Part 2Connecting Equations to Graphs (Part 1)Connecting Equations to Graphs (Part 2)Connecting Similarity and TransformationsConstructing PatternsConstruction Techniques 1: Perpendicular BisectorsConstruction Techniques 2: Equilateral TrianglesConstruction Techniques 3: Perpendicular Lines and Angle BisectorsConstruction Techniques 4: Parallel and Perpendicular LinesConstruction Techniques 5: SquaresData RepresentationsDefining ReflectionsDefining RotationsDefining TranslationsDilating Lines and AnglesEquations and Their GraphsEquations and Their SolutionsEquivalent EquationsEvidence, Angles, and ProofExplaining Steps for Rewriting EquationsFinding All the Unknown Values in TrianglesFitting LinesGetting to Know YouGraphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables (Part 1)Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables (Part 2)Incorporating RotationsLinear ModelsMeasuring DilationsModeling with Systems of Inequalities in Two VariablesMore Standard DeviationMore SymmetryNow What Can You Build?One Hundred and EightyOther Conditions for Triangle SimilarityOutliersPlanning a Pizza PartyPoints, Segments, and ZigzagsPractice With Proportional RelationshipsPracticing Point by Point TransformationsPracticing ProofsProofs about ParallelogramsProofs about QuadrilateralsProving the Pythagorean TheoremReasoning about Similarity with TransformationsRelative Frequency TablesRepresenting Situations with InequalitiesResidualsRigid TransformationsScale DrawingsScale of the Solar SystemSide-Angle-Side Triangle CongruenceSide-Side-Angle (Sometimes) CongruenceSide-Side-Side Triangle CongruenceSolutions to Inequalities in One VariableSolutions to Systems of Linear Inequalities in Two VariablesSolving Problems with Inequalities in Two VariablesSolving Problems with Systems of Linear Inequalities in Two VariablesSolving Systems by Elimination (Part 1)Solving Systems by Elimination (Part 2)Solving Systems by Elimination (Part 3)Solving Systems by SubstitutionSpeedy DeliverySplitting Triangle Sides with Dilation, Part 1Splitting Triangle Sides with Dilation, Part 2Standard DeviationSymmetrySystems of Linear Equations and Their SolutionsThe Correlation CoefficientThe Effect of ExtremesThe Perpendicular Bisector TheoremThe Shape of DistributionsTransformations, Transversals, and ProofTwo-way TablesUsing Technology for ConstructionUsing the Correlation CoefficientUsing the Pythagorean Theorem and SimilarityWhich Variable to Solve for? (Part 1)Which Variable to Solve for? (Part 2)Working with Rigid TransformationsWriting Equations to Model Relationships (Part 1)Writing Equations to Model Relationships (Part 2)Writing and Graphing Systems of Linear EquationsWriting and Solving Inequalities in One Variable