1-1 Practice - Translating Expressions

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Subject: Algebra 2
Grade: 9
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1-1 Practice - Translating Expressions

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Write the expression to match the words.

1) thirteen less than thirty.

2) The quotient of twenty and twelve.

3) two times the sum of five and three.

4) The product of eight and fifty divided by four.

Do the words match the expression?

5) 7(3+5)7(3+5) says seven times the sum of three and five.

True or false? Write below.

6) 5040050-400 says fifty less than four hundred.

True or false? Write below.

7) (6×8)+19(6\times8)+19 says nineteen more than the product of six and eight.

True or false? Write below.

8) 12+97\frac{12+9}{7} says the difference of twelve and nine divided by seven.

True or false? Write below.

Write the algebraic expression from the words.

9) three-fourths of x is subtracted from 9.

10) six times the sum of three and y.

11) the quotient of two times w and seven.

Write the algebraic expressions in words.

12) 14b314b-3

13) 12(4x+2)12(4x+2)

14) 12(6x+14)5\frac{1}{2}(6x+14)-5