1.2 HW#2

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Subject: Math
Grade: 12

Solving linear equations with fractions

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1.2 HW#2

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Part I: Solve the following linear equations. Use the hints on each problem to help get started

1) -7=x+32\frac{x+3}{-2} (Multiply both sides by - 2)

2) x2\frac{x}{2}+1=4 (Get the x/x/2 alone, then multiply by 2)

3) 512\frac{5}{12}=-14\frac{1}{4}+13x\frac{1}{3}x (Multiply each term by 12)

4) 12\frac{1}{2}(8xx-4)-13\frac{1}{3}(9xx+12)=14\frac{1}{4}(4xx-24)

(Distribute the fraction)

5) x+22x3\frac{x+2}{2x-3}=45\frac{4}{5} (Cross multiply)

6) 2x+14\frac{2x+1}{-4}=x73\frac{x-7}{3} (Cross multiply)

Part II: Solve the following literal equations for the indicated variable.

7) VV=13πr2h\frac{1}{3}\pi r^{2}h for hh

8) axax+byby=cc for yy

9) FF=95C\frac{9}{5}C+32 for CC

10) SS=2ll+2ww+2hh for hh