1.3 Worksheet - Writing Equations from Word Problems

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Subject: Algebra
Grade: 9
Assignment Type: Homework
Standards: HSA-CED.A.1


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Homework | 5 questions (5 autogradable) | 5 points


Write an equation for the following description. (Do not solve)

Eight times the difference of a number and 2 is the same as 3 times the sum of the number and 3.


Sierra has a total of 61 dimes and quarters in her piggybank. She has 3 more quarters than dimes. The coins have a total value of $10.90. How many dimes and how many quarters does she have?

Type your answer like this example: 5 dimes, 10 quarters


Penn used the formula for the sum of the angles inside a polygon: Sum of the interior angles = (nn-2)180, where nn is the number of angles of the polygon. Penn's answer is 1,980 degrees. How many angles does the polygon have?


Fahrenheit temperature, FF , can be found from a Celsius temperature, CC , using the formula FF=1.8CC+32. Write an equation to find the temperature at which the Fahrenheit and Celsius readings are equal. What is that temperature?


The sum of the first and last of four consecutive odd integers is 52. What are the four integers?