1.4 - Writing Equations from Word Problems

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1.4 - Writing Equations from Word Problems

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Write an equation for each description. Let x = a number. Do not solve.

1) 4 times a number is 16

2) A number minus 11 is 12 .

3) 910\frac{9}{10} times a number plus 6 is 51

4) 3 times the sum of 13\frac{1}{3} of a number and 8

is 11.

Write an equation and solve to answer each question below.

5) Jan's age is 3 years less than twice Tritt's age. The sum of their ages is 30. Find their ages.

6) Jan's Age:

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7) Tritt's age:

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8) Iris charges a fee for her consulting services plus an hourly rate that is 115\frac{1}{5} times her fee. On a 7-hour job, Iris charged $470. What is her fee and her hourly rate?

9) The fee is:

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10) Her hourly rate is:

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11) When angles are complementary, the sum of their measures is 90 degrees. Two complementary

angles have measures of 2xx-10 degrees and 3xx-10 degrees. Find the measures of each angle.

12) Angle 1:

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13) Angle 2:

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14) Bill wants to rent a car. Rental Company A charges $35 per day plus $0.10 per mile driven. Rental

Company B charges $25 per day plus $0.15 per mile driven. After how many miles driven will the

price charged by each company be the same?

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15) Katie, Elizabeth, and Siobhan volunteer at the hospital. In a week, Katie volunteers 3 hours more

than Elizabeth does and Siobhan volunteers 1 hour less than Elizabeth. Over 3 weeks, the number

of hours Katie volunteers is equal to the sum of Elizabeth's and Siobhan's volunteer hours in 3

weeks. Complete the table to find out how many hours each person volunteers each week.

A template for answering this question. Ask your instructor for an alternative.

16) Katie's hours per week:

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17) Elizabeth's hours per week:

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18) Siobhan's hours per week:

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