11/4- Equations and Inequalities Test Review

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Subject: Algebra
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11/4- Equations and Inequalities Test Review

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Solve each equation.

1) 7y+5=3y307y+5=3y-30

2) 65=13y1-\frac{6}{5}=\frac{1}{3}y-1

3) 15(x8)=x16\frac{1}{5}(x-8)=x-16

4) 2x+4=5(x+1)3(x+2)2x+4=5(x+1)-3(x+2)

5) 2=2y(6)132=\frac{-2y-(-6)}{13}

6) 3x2(x5)=10+x3x-2(x-5)=10+x

7) x33=x+44\frac{x-3}{3}=\frac{x+4}{4}

8) 3t+7=58\frac{3}{t+7}=\frac{5}{-8}

Solve for the indicated variable.

9) p=2l+2w Solve for wp = 2 l + 2 w \quad \text { Solve for } w

10) v=13πr2h Solve for hv = \frac { 1 } { 3 } \pi r ^ { 2 } h \quad \text { Solve for } h

Rewrite the equation solving for y.

11) 6xx-3yy=-12

12) 2(3xx+yy)=-24

Solve Each Inequality

13) 8x14>428x-14>42

14) 2(k+4)3k142(k+4)-3k\leq14

15) 6x9<21-6x-9<21

16) 3(w3)<9+3w3(w-3)<9+3w

Problem Solving

17) Part A: A large cheese pizza costs $7.00. Each additional toping for the pizza costs $2.00. If the total bill for th3e pizza Sally ordered was $13.00, how many toppings did she order? Write an EQUATION to represent the situation.

18) Part B: Solve the equation that you wrote in #17.

19) Part A: Tracey is looking at two different travel agencies to plan her vacation. ABC Travel offers a plane ticket for $300 and a rental car for $40 per day. M & N Travel offers a plane ticket for $350 and a rental car for $30 per day.

Write an EQUATION for this situation.

20) Part B: What is the minimum number of days that Tracey's vacation should be for M & N Travel to have the better deal?

21) Part A: An amusement park charges $10 for admission and $2 for each ride. You have $50 to spend. Write an INEQUALITY to represent the maximum number of rides you can go on.