Cell Structure Vocabulary

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Subject: Biology
Grade: 9-12

This Biology assignment contains 10 questions where students focus on defining cell organelles. These exercises provide practice for Structure, Function, and Information Processing.

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10 questions

Cell Structure Vocabulary

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Match each description with a vocabulary word. (Not all words are used.)

Vocabulary Words:

Cell Wall Centrioles Chloroplast Cytoplasm

Golgi Apparatus Lysosome Mitochondria Nuclear Membrane

Nucleolus Nucleus Peroxisome Plasma Membrane

Ribosomes Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Vacuole

1) The interior of a cell contains the nucleus and organelles surrounded by this substance.

2) Phospholipid bilayer which separates a cell's interior from the surrounding environment.

3) Chlorophyll is stored in this structure to help plants perform photosynthesis.

4) A compartment which can store or transport materials within a cell.

5) This small, dense sphere builds ribosomal subunits from proteins and rRNA.

6) A cell structure which synthesizes proteins.

7) ATP is generated here through cellular respiration.

8) Lipids are synthesized at this organelle.

9) A rigid structure that helps cells maintain their shape.

10) This organelle packages molecules for the cell to use or store.