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Bakpax Assignments

Design your assignment.

Our dynamic layouts allow you to easily create and customize assignments. Bakpax can then read student handwriting and grade the assignments accordingly.

The autograding feature works great for any question whose answer is numbers, equations, or a few words. You can also easily grade diagrams, graphs, or other long responses with our “Manual” grade option.

Students complete and submit work.

Once students write their answers neatly in the answer boxes, they will snap a picture with a mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet). As long as they capture the four unique codes in each corner, called BakCodes, the AI can locate the answers.

To optimize grading accuracy, we suggest that students place their assignment on a flat, well lit surface when submitting work.

Compact - Answer Only

The answer only layout provides answer spaces for each question without any instructional text to maximize area. This layout allows for easy auto-grading for assignments which can be accessed from a workbook or virtually. Students just have to write their answers in the boxes and then submit their work for instant feedback.

Columns, Long Answers

Long answer boxes provide students with enough space to write or draw longer responses. These answer boxes are optimal for “Manual” grade problems. This is when you will be shown the entire answer box and can easily mark the submission as correct or incorrect.

Compact w/ Instructions

Instructional text has been provided for each question. It is expected that students can answer the questions without extra work space.

Compact w/ Work Areas

Both instructional text and work space have been provided for each question. Short answer boxes have been used to maximize the number of questions printed onto one page.

Sections and Subsections

Sections and subsections have been used to add the appropriate instructional text. The section text has been used to describe a set of subsections. The subsection text has been used to tell students how to solve sets of questions.

Create Your Own Assignments

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