Bakpax Autograder

Paper, phone, tablet, or computer – Bakpax helps all students succeed, no matter what devices they have access to. Use Bakpax for in-class, virtual, or seamless hybrid learning.


Bakpax uses artificial intelligence to read handwriting and grade assignments in seconds.

Why Bakpax?

How It Works


All Students. Any Device.

Students can complete their work with pencil and paper, or on a phone, tablet, or computer. Whether they complete the assignment online, or upload a photo of their handwritten assignment, students find Bakpax easy to use!

Contactless Grading

Students can complete their assignments online or submit photos of their finished handouts. Bakpax grades their handwriting in seconds, and teachers can see detailed grade performance analytics – making grading 100% contactless and eliminating the need for students to hand in their papers.

Teachers Love Bakpax!

“The grades for homework have been much better this year because of Bakpax. Students are excited to be in my room, they’re telling me they love math, and those are things that I don’t normally hear.”

TeacherJennifer Turner, New Jersey Middle & High School Math Teacher

“I can’t tell you how many people I have told about Bakpax; this is an amazing product. With the digital learning that my students need to engage in, it takes less time to assess them because the answers that I wrote are right in front of me for each student. It has made a tremendous difference in the way I am assessing students and the time that it takes me to assess.”

TeacherErin Barresi, Maryland Middle School Math & Language Arts Teacher

“I must return to the classroom in a month and do not want to have to touch student papers to grade them. Plus, some of my students will be working online. Last spring when we were 100% online, I had students take pictures of their work and upload it for me to grade but that took me several hours of grading daily. Bakpax sounds like a life saver!!!”

Melinda Zeares, Texas High School Geometry Teacher

“I just gave my first quiz through Bakpax today and I was really impressed. My kids love the flexibility and I love that you can correctly show math notations!”

Nicole Thomas, Illinois 8th Grade Geometry and Algebra Teacher

“I really appreciate how Bakpax can make turning in and grading assignments contactless and want to share it with my whole staff.”

Jessica Gladden, High School Geometry Teacher

“Once you try Bakpax, you’ll never go back to your old way of grading math papers again!”

photoBreeze Patten, California Middle School Math Teacher

“Bakpax allows for more instructional times with my students which has been a great benefit.”

dr gisselle gutierrezDr. Giselle Gutierrez, Florida High School Math Teacher

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