We’re working hard to improve the Bakpax user experience, so you can hit the ground running this fall with time saving grading techniques and instant feedback to your students. Here are a few recent changes we wanted to tell you about:

Better Navigation

The top level navigation is now simplified to “Classrooms”, “Assigned Work”, and “Create”. This is in response to your feedback on the difficulty in getting to the student results, as well as quickly creating new assignments.

Now the classrooms page is the new homepage, and each classroom has a different pretty background pattern+color that correspond to the subject.

Student Submission Dates

The date the student submitted now shows up when you review the assignments. We thought this information could help to reinforce good study habits. If Suzy is always turning her homework in on the same day that it’s due, and Bobby is turning his in two days early, it may no longer be a mystery as to why Bobby seems more prepared for class. Talking to Suzy about doing her homework when she’s not so rushed, might be a good idea. Future releases will include the actual time, so you can get more granular about reinforcing good work habits.

Trivia Reminder

If you and your students are new to Bakpax, it’s a really good idea to kick things off with our fun trivia assignment. This has always been available, but now we remind you with this fun pop-up illustration. We think your students will enjoy our attempts a humor, while learning the process for submitting.

We hope you find these improvements useful! Let us know what you think by emailing support@bakpax.com.

As always, stay tuned for more big improvements, and we’re always here to help!