How Kristina uses Bakpax to engage students on their daily homework

“One of the things the students don’t like about doing online math is that they have to type in their answers, but if they can actually write their answers and submit it that way, it’s so much easier for them. You open the doors for a lot of kids that way.”

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How Kelly uses the same lesson plan for remote & in-person learners

“I am able to use the assignments I’ve created for both online and offline work. This has been a game changer for hybrid learning!”

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Save Time with Bakpax

“I can’t tell you how many people I have told about Bakpax; this is an amazing product. With the digital learning that my students need to engage in, it takes less time to assess them because the answers that I wrote are right in front of me for each student. It has made a tremendous difference in the way I am assessing students and the time that it takes me to assess.”

Erin B., Middle School Math & ELA Teacher

Overall Rating

“I loved how easy it is to use. The amount of time it takes to grade papers is drastically reduced. This product is exactly what I was looking for. Grading papers took up a lot of time. Now I can grade an assignment in less than 5 minutes! An educator’s dream come true!” *

Eva J., Teacher

for Features

“I have only utilized a handful of all the features and Bakpax’s many ways to support me, as a teacher. It has saved me numerous of hours with the ability to upload, grade, and assess my lessons. I will definitely share and use this for distance learning/online teaching!”*

Kenny L., 5th Grade Teacher

Overall Rating

“I am a new user, but so far I think it is brilliant. I think it will same me precious time, so where do I nominate this team of developers for the Nobel Prize! Thank you.” *

Jamey S., Teacher

Overall Rating

“Great new resource for online teaching and beyond”

“Watched the videos and fell in love with the product. Very cool idea and makes it so much easier for formative assessments. Loved this and am recommending it to my school so others can use it. I like the ease of use. With a simple drag and select tool to update the questions for a quiz. That’s super cool. Cause with other sites, entering math equations can be hard to do. This takes that out and streamlines it for busy educators like me. Every minute saved is important and thankful they made it very easy.” *

Diego N., Educator

Overall Rating

“Great Help For Teachers”

“It is an awesome experience. It lessens the teachers workload and preparation. I can focus more on providing feedback instead of manually checking. The feature that I like the most in BakPax is that it allows flexibility in both teachers and students. Students can easily turn in answers by printing the worksheets and taking a photo of the worksheets or they can even answer online. Though BakPax uses artificial intelligence, teachers can still manually review their students’ answers to verify whether they need to correct incorrectly marked items. It is also fun that teachers have options on how they can create their worksheets.” *

Verified Reviewer, Capterra

Overall Rating

“Great for instant feedback!”

“I love that I can take a pre-existing document with math questions, and convert it to Bakpax, where my students can then submit their answers and get instant feedback. They can do this from their phones which is nice, since most students have one! Or they can print the assignment and take a picture of it.” *

Christina B., Teacher

Overall Rating

“I love that it’s easy to convert a .pdf into an online resource that I can use with my online students. The fact that it grades the assignments is just so amazing and helpful. I can’t think of any downsides to the software.” *

Julie S., Teacher


Virtual & Hybrid Learning

Overall Rating

“Reluctant Distance Teacher…”

“Using this for my in-person learners (paper-pencil) and my distance learners (digital) has been a huge time saver! Having worksheets that can be completed by hand for in-person learners, but having the same worksheet available for digital learners is so time-saving and helpful. I am pretty tech-savvy but juggling all of the different programs out there can be daunting. Bakpax is straightforward and so far, most of my kids (some being raised by grandparents) have been able to use this program with minimal help. As an educator, I appreciate the ability to try something out for free before spending my own money on something. At this point (which I am very new to using Bakpax)…I love it!” *

Nancy L., Teacher

for Features

“Life saver during virtual learning”

“I have only been using it for a few days but it has made my life a million times easier. Virtual teaching is so hard and stressful but Bakpax took some of that weight off of me. This allowed my students to turn their assignments in without many problems! When I required students to show their work, there is a way to submit that work through the website. The autograding is also a lifesaver!” *

Kristen H., Teacher

Overall Rating

“Very helpful tool for remote instruction”

“I really appreciate that I can print out assignments on paper for students who do not have online access. This prevents me from having to create two different plans to accommodate both online and in-person learners.” *

Alex M., Teacher

Overall Rating

“Digital Worksheets Made Easy!”

“This software makes a teacher’s life much easier, especially through all the remote learning that is forced upon us. I will use it even when we get the students back.” *

Tracy C., Teacher


Contactless Grading

“I must return to the classroom in a month and do not want to have to touch student papers to grade them. Plus, some of my students will be working online. Last spring when we were 100% online, I had students take pictures of their work and upload it for me to grade but that took me several hours of grading daily. Bakpax sounds like a life saver!!!”

Melinda Z., High School Geometry Teacher

Overall Rating

“Overall, Bakpax has helped me ease my stress of sharing germs as it has helped me with contactless grading.” *

Rachael W., Teacher

“I really appreciate how Bakpax can make turning in and grading assignments contactless and want to share it with my whole staff.”

Jessica G., High School Geometry Teacher


Customer Service

Overall Rating

“Best Product that Is Adapting to the Ever Changing Environment of Education”

“This software is super easy for teachers to use and easy for students to interact with. I have been so incredibly impressed with the customer support for this team. Whenever I’ve emailed questions, they have been answered within an hours time. I’ve even sent in suggestions on how to make this more user friendly and they’ve made software adjustments around those suggestions. There isn’t a product on the market right now that is that adaptive to the ever changing environment of e-learning.” *

Deborah S., Math Teacher

Overall Rating

“Every Math Teacher Needs This”

“I am highly satisfied and could not imagine not using Bakpax in my classes. There are two great aspects of Bakpax, the technology and the people. The website is so easy to use and navigate and the AI works so well. It has really been a life saver and significantly decreased the amount of time I spend grading. The customer support is phenomenal as well, every week I send them my assignments and they very quickly get them converted and uploaded for me. They have responded to all of my suggestions and implemented them.” *

Jessica G., Teacher

Overall Rating

“Amazing product that makes teaching fun and easy!”

“The best part of this software is the ability to upload my classes! I also like how it grades for me! Customer service is great and they offer great training.” *

Wendy S., Middle School Teacher

for Customer Service

“Excellent Resource”

“I have used this application for Algebra homework. What a wonderful tool! I have loved the ease of creating documents, the analytics for each student, and the instant feedback my kids receive. The customer service is incredible!” *

Jennifer T., Teacher

Overall Rating

“Awesome Customer Service”

“When I was going to give up on using my own tests, the support team encouraged me to continue and send them the pdfs. Even when I sent one test, but another test’s key, the team emailed me and set me straight. I can’t say enough great things about them. I love the customer service. With distance learning/teaching, having to figure out how to get my pdf tests to my students with no printer was a huge roadblock. Bakpax solved this issue. The customer service team has been nothing but outstanding.” *

Patty J., Math Teacher

for Customer Service

“I love using Bakpax! I feel this product is easy to use and very beneficial to me and my students. The how to videos and live demo sessions are awesome! They offer so much insight and hints on how to use the software. The grading is made easy and simple. Also, I have access to 100’s of 1000’s of curriculum aligned math worksheets.” *

Neeraj S., Teacher

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