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How Kristina uses Bakpax to engage students on their daily homework

“One of the things the students don’t like about doing online math is that they have to type in their answers, but if they can actually write their answers and submit it that way, it’s so much easier for them. You open the doors for a lot of kids that way.”

About Kristina

  • High School Math teacher

  • Teaching for over 10 years

  • Favorite Bakpax Features: Bakpax’s autograder and the ability to use her own content

  • Tools in her Classroom: GoFormative, Google Classroom, Schoology, PowerSchool

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How Kelly uses the same lesson plan for remote & in-person learners

“I am able to use the assignments I’ve created for both online and offline work. This has been a game changer for hybrid learning!”

About Kelly

  • Middle School Math teacher

  • Teaching for over 10 years

  • Favorite Bakpax Features: Content Importer, Student Retries

  • Tools in her Classroom: Bakpax, Google Classroom, Kami, IXL

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How Amber uses the same content for digital & paper submissions

“For the students who now submit online with Bakpax, they know instantly how they’ve done and they understand what they’ve gotten wrong better. They are more likely to ask questions and engage when the work is reviewed the next day. They’ve had a chance to think about it.”

About Amber

  • High School English Language Arts Teacher

  • Favorite Bakpax Features: Content Importer, Autograder

  • Tools in her Classroom: Google Classroom, Peardeck, PowerSchool

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How Shana improves students’ learning outcomes with instant feedback

“The big sell for me at the beginning was the time saving and having the students get instant feedback – to instantly see how they are doing and take ownership of their learning. But then, there are just so many silver lining benefits to them using it. There have been so many more benefits than I expected. I’m a big proponent of Bakpax.”

About Shana

  • Middle School Math Teacher

  • Favorite Bakpax Features: Content Importer, Instant Feedback, Student Rewards

  • Tools in her Classroom: video lessons for flipped classroom model

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How Kristen uses instant feedback on homework to transform in-class learning

“Bakpax is a life saver during virtual learning, It has made my life a million times easier. Virtual teaching is so hard and stressful but Bakpax took some of that weight off of me. This allowed my students to turn their assignments in without many problems! When I required students to show their work, there is a way to submit that work through the website. The autograding is also a lifesaver!”*

About Kristen

  • High School Math Teacher

  • Teaching for over 20 years

  • Favorite Bakpax Features: Bakpax’s autograder and access to remote learning for students

  • Tools in her Classroom: Bakpax, Google Classroom

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