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We’re Hiring a Paid Media Marketing Manager / Facebook Ad Specialist

What is Bakpax?

Bakpax® uses artificial intelligence to grade homework and tests in seconds. We save teachers the time and trouble of grading, give students instant feedback to increase their engagement, and allow teachers to find, create, and share standards-aligned autogradable assignments.

Background on the Role

Bakpax was built for teachers. We have been working directly with teachers for the past two years to create the product they want and need. We continue to bring this feedback into the product every day. We have found Facebook and Instagram Ads to be cost-effective for reaching teachers, and need a Facebook ad specialist to join the team who is excited about using technology to improve teachers’ lives. You will focus your Facebook and other digital paid media on planning and executing campaigns that target various teacher segments, using lookalike and custom audiences, as well as retargeting on Google Ads, with the goal of converting teachers to paying monthly and yearly subscribers at our target CPA.

The Role

Split Testing

There are several reasons that teachers love using Bakpax. You will need to develop an intimate understanding of each customer persona and value proposition in order to effectively test each message with the right target audience. With this understanding you will structure and optimize our split-testing strategy by isolating variables, establishing a winning creative, and continuously working to beat the winning ad-set through big swing experiments and incremental optimizations.

Targeting and Bidding Strategy Across Platforms

Lookalike audiences built on our existing customers has so far been our most effective targeting method, however we have barely scratched the service on teacher segments that can benefit from the Bakpax platform. You will be responsible for finding new teacher segments that ought to hear about Bakpax, and advertising to those segments. You will also be responsible for optimizing and expanding our retargeting ad strategy on the Google Display Network and YouTube.

You will also test different bidding strategies for achieving our desired results, while managing the daily spending fluctuations that come with facebook’s platform.


You will draw on your creative instincts and experience with what works well on Facebook to come up with new copy, ad designs, videos, and landing pages to test.


You will be swimming in data every day, delivering detailed weekly reports and action plans. You will maintain a real-time view into what is happening with every campaign we’re running, and work with our engineers to create the necessary reporting dashboards that show the proper attribution to your campaigns, and how those customers are using the product in comparison to teachers who find the product from other non-paid channels and word of mouth.

Platform Expertise

You will demonstrate intimate knowledge of each element of the Facebook Ad console, keeping us up to date on the latest changes that could impact our current campaigns, or open opportunities for new campaign tests.


  • Create and launch campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads
  • Perform daily analysis and optimization on campaign performance.
  • Prepare and deliver weekly performance reports identifying successes and opportunities for improvement.
  • Manage budgets on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to keep spend optimized for sales growth while hitting a target CPA.
  • Construct lookalike and custom audiences based on campaign goals through, demographic data, Facebook insights, and other available data.
  • Develop ad creatives (images, video, copy) for driving our split testing and targeting strategies.
  • Test audiences and features to discover new opportunities.
  • Maintain active relationships with social media platform account representatives to leverage their expertise and access to better tools whenever possible.
  • Identify new paid media channels to test.
  • Implement and manage Facebook ad pixel and other ad tracking pixels.


  • Minimum of 3 years managing campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Minimum 3 years of online marketing experience in startup/midsize company
  • Experience with Google Analytics, and BI tools like Grow.com or Quicksight
  • Strong Excel skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong sense of ownership and urgency.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Intellectual curiosity for education technology.
  • Passion for helping teachers and the power of education to improve lives.

More about the job

  • Remote – We work remotely. This is nice, and, like anything, has its drawbacks. We’re committed to helping each other work remotely while building a strong culture. We’ll get together in person from time to time to have fun together, hone our communication skills and plan.
  • Healthcare – our government does not provide it, so we will.
  • Equity – You will receive options in the company as part of your compensation package.

How to apply

If this position gets you excited and you meet the qualifications we’d love to hear from you. Please send your resume and a cover letter that describes your Facebook Ad experience in detail to jobs@bakpax.com.

Come work with us and make a difference in the lives of teachers and students!


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