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We’re hiring a Social Media Editor – Be a hero to your teacher friends and family!

What is Bakpax?

Bakpax uses artificial intelligence to “auto-grade” schoolwork in seconds. We save teachers the time and trouble of grading. We give them free standards-aligned content. And we give students instant feedback to increase their engagement and understanding.

Background on the Role

Bakpax was built for teachers. We have been working directly with teachers for the past two years to create the product they want and need. We continue to bring this feedback into the product every day.

We are looking for a social media-savvy writer and editor, to help us connect with teachers and create a Bakpax community where teachers can share best practices and content creations. We’re looking for someone who is an excellent writer of short and snappy posts, who has a fun and friendly sense of humor, and who gets their energy from communicating and helping others.

We think the background traits that would make someone the most successful in this role are:

1. Writer/Editor – You have a short, snappy, and friendly writing style that engages, delights, empathizes, and makes people laugh. You likely majored in journalism or English in college and maybe do improv or stand-up comedy for fun.

2. Teacher in another life – You have been a teacher or you come from a family of teachers. You have a deep understanding of the challenges and rewards of being a teacher.

3. Image editing – You have experience editing images for the internet. You understand the different specifications needed for images to perform well on each social media platform.

The Role

Editorial Calendar

Bakpax helps teachers save time grading, delivers instant feedback to students, and provides standards aligned material to be used in their classroom. You will be responsible for creating and managing an editorial calendar of relevant issues, such as: grading for completion vs accuracy, managing paperwork in the classroom, student handwriting, how well publisher content aligns to the Common Core State Standards, how to manage parental expectations.

Community Building

You will be responsible for crafting creative ways to engage teachers in conversation using engaging content, polls, and contests. You’ll let them know when we post new free content, or new features that might interest them. You’ll facilitate conversations about best practices. You’ll be a friendly voice to celebrate their successes, commiserate with their frustrations, and cheer them onward.

You will also be responsible for identifying and connecting with influential educators on social media who can help to bring our message to a wider audience of teachers.

Channel Management

The top four social platforms where teachers spend the most time are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. You will be responsible for content development, publishing, and community management on each of these social networks, as well as others you see as critical to our social strategy. You will need a deep understanding of each platform and how it can be leveraged to connect to teachers


  • Manage day-to-day messaging, monitoring and moderation across social channels: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, among others
  • Write warm, funny, engaging content for social media channels daily
  • Create and manage our social media editorial calendar
  • Identify and engage with influential educators.
  • Provide support to our customers via social media channels
  • Turn frequently asked questions into clearly written help articles and video tutorials


  • Exceptional short-form writing skill
  • Short, snappy, and funny writing style
  • Fun and friendly sense of humor
  • 2+ years of social media experience
  • Demonstrated ability to create / edit images for the internet
  • 4 year college degree with a major that involves a lot of writing (English, journalism, etc.)
  • Strong sense of ownership and urgency
  • Strong organizational and project management skills

Nice to Have

  • You were in the drama club or do improv and/or stand-up comedy for fun :)
  • You have worked for a very early stage technology startup.

More about the job

  • Remote – We work remotely. This is nice, and, like anything, has its drawbacks. We’re committed to helping each other work remotely while building a strong culture. We’ll get together in person from time to time to have fun together, hone our communication skills and plan.
  • Healthcare – our government does not provide it, so we will.
  • Equity – You will receive options in the company as part of your compensation package.

How to Apply

To apply to the role of Social Media Manager at Bakpax please email the following information to jobs@bakpax.com:

  • Your resume
  • At least 3 recent samples of social media posts you wrote and published from a company’s account that demonstrate your sense of humor and snappy writing style.
  • A short paragraph explaining why education is important to you.
  • Photo by twinsfisch on Unsplash


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