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We’re hiring a VP of Marketing!

You’d love to be part of something that helps teachers teach and students learn. You’ve probably witnessed the transformational power of education in your own life. And you’ve probably wondered why the fundamental technologies of education — the classroom, the chalkboard, the textbook — are all centuries old. Information technology has been transforming the world for thirty years — where are the breakthrough technologies for learning?

You want to work with a team of people who get it. They’ve got deep experience, but they’re more excited than ever about making things. They’ve got a great product strategy and a great go-to-market strategy. You want to work with people who are humble, but confident in what they’re doing and driven to do it well. You want to join a team that relentlessly prioritizes features that will delight users and most improve their lives. You communicate clearly, succinctly, and amiably, and value others who do likewise. You reflect and learn from your successes and failures. You’re not afraid of failure, because sometimes it’s the only way to get better, and you’re not afraid to do what it takes to get better.

You crave a work environment where you can be a whole person. You want time and flexibility to be yourself: to go on a walk, take care of a loved one, go to the doctor, and feel supported by your coworkers. And you want to support them so that they can live good lives too.

You are awesome at what you do and you could work anywhere. But maybe you’ve come to realize that you only have so many years on this earth to leave your mark. And where better to leave it than in education? Education determines the flow rate of human progress in all endeavors. It’s the ultimate Archimedes’ lever.

If you’re reading this and considering this job, we can assume you are incredibly, incredibly lucky, because it means you have marketable skills that pay very well. You have a career you love. You can decide where you want to work. And you want to work somewhere that matters.

Come work with us.

Bakpax uses artificial intelligence to grade homework and tests in seconds. We save teachers the time and trouble of grading, give students instant feedback to help them learn, and allow teachers to find, create, and share standards-aligned autogradable assignments.

We are seeking a visionary, analytical, community-oriented VP of Marketing who can build a holistic customer acquisition strategy that integrates brand, community, digital product marketing, performance marketing, content marketing, and public relations. You must have experience growing a D2C subscription service.


Job Requirements:

  • Experience leading and growing a marketing team
  • Demonstrated success marketing a digital subscription service
  • Demonstrated success in building and marketing a compelling brand
  • Experience scaling performance marketing for a D2C company
  • Proven success in small and medium-sized businesses with moderate budgets
  • Experience developing and executing on robust marketing strategies
  • Highly data-driven with experience quantifying success with both qualitative and quantitative measures
  • A broad understanding of digital marketing including Social Media and online advertising
  • Strong sense of agency & ownership
  • Extremely strong written and verbal communication


Brand & Communications

  • Create a warm, inclusive, and devoted brand development path for Bakpax.
  • Manage our PR strategy.

Customer Success

  • Great customer service is part of a great brand. Manage our CS team.
  • Identify, nurture, and leverage brand champions

Performance & Growth Marketing

  • Maintain a steady acquisition stream of highly targeted users
  • Optimize for ROI, seeking creative avenues for growth
  • Manage a marketing budget and creatives to achieve target CPA via Facebook, Google and other online ad platforms.
  • Manage our freemium and premium offerings. Convert website visitors to free users, free to paid, and churned to return.

Research & Analytics

  • Conduct market research & analysis to understand market size, pricing, and the competitive landscape
  • Set business targets and track and communicate progress
  • Measure results with both quantitative and qualitative measures

Social Media & Community

  • Engage and grow our community through Social Media channels
  • Make teachers feel that we “get them” and are warm, helpful and fun.

Content Marketing & SEO

  • Use content marketing and SEO to grow our freemium user base through high search rankings, top-of-funnel email-capture, and content partnerships.


  • Responsibly grow, mentor and expand your team
  • Be a bold visionary with a compelling vision
  • Develop and drive the overall marketing strategy and plan
  • You are excited by the Bakpax culture and believe in our values. Lots of companies have “Values,” but sometimes they’re more on the aspirational side. We really live ours. (Bakpax Values)

More about the job:

  • Money – we will pay you
  • Equity – it’s early stage so it’s a good amount
  • Remote – we work remotely. This is nice, and, like anything, has its drawbacks. We’re committed to helping each other work remotely while building a strong culture. We get together in person from time to time to have fun together, hone our skills and strategies, and plan.
  • Healthcare – our government does not provide it, so we will.
  • Be a hero to your teacher family members & friends – Seriously. If we can build this it will really be helpful.

How to Apply

Please email your resume and LinkedIn profile to jobs@bakpax.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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