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You’d love to help teachers teach and students learn. You believe education provides hope and opportunity. It changes lives. You’ve probably experienced the transformational power of education in your own life.

Join our fully-remote team of people who are passionate about improving education and building a strong work culture.


Our Values

Have you ever heard the saying that “People aren’t what they say; people are what they do”? The below values are what we do at Bakpax.

Delighting teachers, students, and parents drives every decision we make. Our technology is designed to assist, not replace. We know we don’t have all the answers, and seek our users’ help to make products they will love and rely on. And we’ll always protect their privacy and give them the control they deserve.
We seek to be brave, both emotionally and intellectually. We’re not afraid to think big and hold strong opinions, but we hold these views lightly, and are brave enough to change our minds when given new information or a new way of looking at things. Our communication is direct and plain. Arguing is a good thing (so long as it’s done respectfully and constructively).
We behave as true owners, with a bias for action, seeking constant improvement. We try to test, learn and iterate, no matter how big or small the job. We want to do it as quickly as possible. We understand how the constraints of frugality breed innovation and creativity. We don’t assume someone else will fix it. We dive in.
Working with people who care about other people is of utmost importance to us. We believe in empathy, patience, and respectfulness. Each of us should exude warmth, and be available and welcoming to those who seek our help. We are present in the moment. We are calm when interacting with one another. We want everyone to feel heard.
Rational decision-making is critical to how we operate. We are always curious and willing to dive deep into the data to validate assumptions. God, not the devil, is in the details. We actively attempt to measure everything. We follow up. We don’t passively seek to confirm hunches. We don’t take the easy way out and hope problems go away by themselves. We know that problems go away because we act like owners; we dive in and figure it out.
We feel lucky that we get to do something so cool for a living, and it shows in our sense of play and positivity. We don’t believe in gossip, office politics, or general negativity. We assume good intentions. And we like to have fun! Fun is good.
We don’t define solutions. We define problems. We believe in crystal clear focus on the question “what exactly do we want to solve for?” When smart people agree on the nature of a problem to be solved, they will then produce sensible — and sometimes wonderful — solutions. We want to work on a team where people have agency and can make a difference every day.
Clarity of purpose prevents dysfunction. When company goals are crystal clear, we all “row in the same direction.” Clarity of thought helps us perform better and faster. When we are clear in our written and oral communication, we increase our colleagues’ comprehension and save their time. Clear communication improves the exchange of ideas and improves performance. We believe in clear goals, clear performance feedback, and clear communication.
We believe diversity makes us stronger. It facilitates and encourages several of our core values. All other things being equal, a diverse team will always outperform a homogeneous one because the diverse team will know more, empathize more, and see possibilities invisible to the homogeneous one. Diversity also makes the workplace more fun!

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