Bakpax is Free for Teachers & Students.

Bakpax reads handwriting and grades assignments in seconds. Whether your students are submitting work from a printed handout or completing work online, Bakpax can grade it. And students can submit work from ANY device they have access to.

Keep a digital, autogradable portfolio of your assignments, ready to print for your classes, or assign remotely. We’ll help you be prepared, no matter whether school is in-person, online, or hybrid.

How It Works

1:1 Support

We’ll import your assignments to Bakpax for you with Magic! Simply send your assignments and answer keys to

We will also help you onboard and provide you with tips for how to get the most out of Bakpax. Please contact us at for more information.

If you have any questions about Bakpax or would like to schedule a demo, please email

Remote Learning with Bakpax

Save time grading, engage your students, and keep track of their progress with Bakpax.

As a teacher, you can:

  • Easily import or create and customize assignments, and assign work to your students
  • See what students completed correctly and what they may need more help on
  • Track student progress with detailed reports

Students are able to:

  • See what work they need to complete by which date
  • Easily complete and submit assignments
  • Upload pictures of their work for problems
  • Get instant feedback on every autograded question

To find out more about how to use Bakpax while teaching remotely, please click here.


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Help Center

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Bakpax is FREE for Teachers & Students.

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