Adding assignments to your Bakpax library is easy. There are 4 different ways to add an assignment:

  1. Discover assignments in our free content library
  2. Create a New Blank Assignment
  3. Import from File
  4. Let us create assignments for you with Magic!
Adding new AI Teachign Resource Content


The Discover section is a library of free, ready-to-use assignments for your classroom, spanning a wide range of grade levels, class subjects, and concepts.

    Teaching Resource Content

    All of the assignments you will find in Discover are formatted to be autograded with Bakpax. You can edit them, or use them as is. All you need to do is assign one of these worksheets to your Bakpax classroom.

    To find out more about our library of free content, please click here.


    To create a new assignment with Bakpax, click the My Content link in the navigation at the top of the page and then select the New Blank Assignment option.

      Teaching Resource Content

      Our dynamic layouts and editing tools allow you to easily create and customize handouts for your students. Bakpax can then read student handwriting and grade the assignments in seconds.

      To find out more about how to Create and Customize handouts, please click here.


      When creating or importing assignments, please note that the autograding feature works best for any question whose answer is numeric, equations, or a few words. You can also easily grade diagrams, graphs, or other long responses with our “Manual” grade option.


      You can import assignments that you have already created for your class – whether they are on your computer, or on a piece of paper.

      To import your assignments to Bakpax, click the My Content link in the navigation at the top of the page, and then select the Import from File option.

      Teaching Resource Content

      Once you have clicked Import from File, you will be prompted to select an image of your assignment, or the assignment file, from your computer. You will then be taken to our chopping tool to select and edit the content for your assignment.

      To find out more about how to import and edit assignments, please click here.

      4. MAGIC!

      With Magic!, we will import your assignments to your account for you. All you have to do is send your assignments, answer keys and due dates to and we’ll convert them into autogradable handouts that you can use with your students.

      Teaching Resource Content

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