What if you had pre-made, standards-aligned assignments for the subjects you teach, all at your fingertips? Better yet, what if they were autogradable – meaning Bakpax could grade them for you in seconds?

*drumroll please*

Introducing the Discover tab, a library of FREE, ready-to-use assignments for your classroom, spanning a wide range of grade levels, class subjects, and concepts.

As a Bakpax subscriber, you can download, customize, and store these alongside any other content you import to Bakpax for your students.

So much has changed since our launch of Discover. We know times are uncertain right now. We hope that this new content feature helps you navigate distance learning. Learn more about how Bakpax can support your e-learning plan here.

What is Discover?

Bakpax now offers free autogradable assignments to inform and inspire your lesson planning. Discover is a library of free worksheets that you can browse, download, customize, and assign to your classes. They are all formatted to be autograded with Bakpax. All you need to do is assign one of these worksheets to your Bakpax classroom.

How It Works

Check out this 1 minute demo to see Discover in action:

Browse Assignments by Subject and Topic

After clicking the Discover tab, look for your class subject in the tiles. Tiles in the same subject have the same background, making it easy to spot yours. For example, all purple tiles correspond to Mathematics subjects, while all blue tiles are Science subjects.

Click the tile to see all topics available for that subject.

From there, you can access and preview the individual assignments for that topic.

Don’t see the subject or topic you’re looking for? We’re working on adding new content for you every day. In the meantime, please let us know what you’d like to see at support@bakpax.com.

Edit Assignment

Once you’ve chosen your desired assignment, you can edit it to meet your class’s needs. Click the pencil icon and then select Make a Copy.

Feel free to add new questions, change the sections and instructions, and the page layout. The assignment is now yours to customize.

Don’t need to customize the assignment? Then you can go ahead and assign it directly from Discover.

Assign and Print

When your assignment is ready, click Assign and assign it to your desired Bakpax classroom.

You have options when it comes to sharing the handout with your students:

      1. Go to the “Assigned Work” tab and choose your assignment. Click the print icon and print your handout. Ensure the handout includes 4 QR-like codes and barcode.
      2. Students can print the assignment from home, complete it by hand, and upload it to Bakpax by taking a photo with their phone or tablet.
      3. Students can download the assignment on their devices and complete it electronically.

For more information about these 3 options, visit this article on e-learning.

We’re adding new content to Discover often, so keep an eye out for new assignments. If there is anything specific you’d like to see on Discover, please let us know at support@bakpax.com.

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