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This month has been full of some BIG new updates. Let’s dive in:

Draw on Images

Bakpax has a new Question Type! Now, students can draw or write on images. This opens up the possibilities for graphing, drawings, labeling diagrams, puzzles, and more.

To create a Draw On Image question, click the + button, and select Draw On Image.

Then, type your question and add the image for students to draw on.

If students are using a printed assignment, they can draw on the image with their pencil. If they are completing the assignment online, they can draw directly from their device.

grade 6 worksheets

When students submit their assignments, teachers will see a purple apple on the results page for Draw On Image questions. This indicates that the teacher needs to manually grade them.

grade 6 worksheets

Clicking on the purple apple allows you to see the student’s response and mark it as correct or incorrect.

An Entire Textbook of Free Assignments

We’ve just added over 250 assignments from the Illustrative Mathematics Algebra 1 Textbook! These assignments are free, standards-aligned, and ready to grade with Bakpax. You can find the collection IM Textbook Algebra 1 in the Discover section on Bakpax.

We’re adding new content to Discover regularly. What subjects would you like to see next? Let us know at

Chromebook Compatibility

We know that a lot of your schools use Chromebooks, so compatibility with them is a must. Students can now complete their work online, which means they can easily submit Bakpax assignments from their Chromebooks. Learn more about using Bakpax with Chromebooks here.

Google Classroom Compatibility

Last month, we added a new feature that allows you to easily copy assignment links to share with your Google Classroom. But there’s more!

Now, if you click the Google Classroom icon on the Assigned Work you’d like to share, you can directly assign the work to your Google Classroom.

Showing New Icon

To learn more about using Bakpax with Google Classroom, click here.

Other New Features

  • Students can submit their work entirely online. Learn more here.
  • You can now print handouts for your class directly from the My Content page.
  • If you would like to upload assignments for your students, you can now do so from the Assigned Work page.
  • Share assignments and collections you find in Discover with your fellow teachers by clicking the “link” icon in the top right corner of the page.
  • Last (but certainly not least), we’ve added some instructional videos and information for new Bakpax users to help them better navigate the site.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your feedback. You can suggest and vote on features you’d like to see on our Product Portal. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help you at

– The Bakpax Team

P.S. Remember that Bakpax is offering Free Access indefinitely due to COVID-19. Teachers, thank you for all that you’re doing for your students during this time of distance learning.

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