Many of you are in the process of shifting to remote learning due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). We believe that Bakpax’s autograding and instant feedback can be very useful in remote learning, and we want to support you as much as possible during this time.

It can be a challenge to make distance learning or virtual learning work for all
students. Without adequate preparation and training for teachers or equitable web
access for all students, it isn’t easy to replicate the immediacy of an in-person
learning environment. The primary needs when creating a functioning e-learning
classroom setup can be difficult to achieve all at once:

  • Messaging and communicating effectively
  • Delivering lessons
  • Facilitating discussion
  • Assessing learning
  • Over the course of 2020, a long line of apps and programs have stepped up to
    cover the communication and discussion side of things. Bakpax can help
    streamline material delivery and grading or assessment, rounding out the
    fundamentals for an adaptive remote education experience.

    What is Bakpax?

    Bakpax uses AI to read handwriting and grade assignments in seconds. With Bakpax, you can create and distribute work to your students. When students complete and upload their assignments on their devices, Bakpax will autograde them, giving students instant feedback and providing you with detailed performance analytics.

    Not only will you be able to assign work remotely, but you’ll also be able to stay on top of student performance during school closures.

    How to Use Bakpax for Remote Learning

    Some schools in affected regions are already using Bakpax by assigning work to students for them to complete at home, so that they can autograde their work and get instant feedback.

    As a teacher, you can:

    • Easily import or create and customize assignments, and assign work to your students
    • See what students completed correctly, and what they may need more help on
    • Easily track student progress with detailed reports

    Students are able to:

    • See what work they need to complete by which date
    • Easily complete and submit assignments
    • Get instant feedback on every autograded question

    Remote Learning Support for Students and Educators Alike

    In a remote learning environment, it shouldn’t be technology that does the teaching. Teachers creatively leverage technology with smart pedagogical practice for high-quality instruction. With Bakpax, you can allocate all of your focus to delivering a quality educational experience to your students and let artificial intelligence handle grading and assessment for more objective assignments.

    With Bakpax’s detailed grade view, you can maintain a comprehensive awareness of each student’s strengths and struggles all in one place, allowing you to modify any assignments or the lesson plan to be more accommodating or effective.

    Completing Assignments Remotely

    To accommodate your students’ varying needs while learning from home, Bakpax provides several ways for students to submit their Bakpax work remotely for autograding.

    Students can upload assignments in three ways:

    • Option 1: Complete their assignments online from any device.
    • Option 2: Print the handout and take a picture of their completed assignment.
    • Option 3: Download and edit a PDF of the assignment on their computers.

    Option 1: Complete Online

    Students can complete their work directly in Bakpax, without leaving the site. That means that students can complete their Bakpax assignments from any device that has an internet connection.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. When you Assign an assignment to a classroom, ensure that “Allow Students to Complete Online” is turned on.

    Allow Students to Complete Online

    2. When students log in to Bakpax and click on their assignment, they will be able to choose the option Complete Online.

    Complete Online

    3. Students can read through sections and instructions, write their answers, and see their progress on the assignment.

    Progress Bar

    Students can also skip ahead and go back to questions that they are unsure about before submitting. Please note that once students start an assignment, they must complete all questions and submit. If they exit the assignment in the middle of working, they will have to begin again.

    Quit Assignment

    4. Once they submit their answers, students will get instant feedback.


    They will also see the correct answers, if you selected “Show Correct Answers” when you assigned the assignment.

    Results Page

    This process has been designed to be engaging and motivating for students. They may even be lucky enough to see a surprise on their results page! 🦙

    Option 2: Student Printing

    If your students prefer to work offline, they can print the assignment from home and complete it by hand. When they’re ready to submit their work, they can upload it to Bakpax by taking a photo of their completed assignment with a mobile device.

    Screen Shot 2020 03 16 at 9.15.26 AM 1

    For more information on the student upload process, click here.

    Option 3: Download & Edit a PDF

    Your students can download the blank assignment PDF, edit it in a PDF editing tool of their choice, and submit the file to Bakpax.

    Screen Shot 2020 03 16 at 9.40.57 AM 1

    We hope these options help make Bakpax more accessible for you and your students!

    Tracking Student Progress & Giving Feedback

    Bakpax helps you see how students are doing with the material, even if you’re unable to see them in class.

    With Bakpax, students will receive their grades instantly. You will see class performance, individual performance, and the images of your students’ work so you can pinpoint the areas where they need help.

    file aEnXw2kYCF

    From the Assigned Work, you can see what students got correct and incorrect, and grade answers manually for questions where you turned Autograde off. For more information on manual grading, click here.

    You can then send feedback to individual students directly from their Student Results page by clicking “Add Comment for Student.”

    Screen Shot 2020 03 23 at 9.36.21 AM 1

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