Does Bakpax support Chromebooks?

Yes! Your students can choose Complete Online to complete their assignments electronically on their Chromebooks.

For more information on using Bakpax with Chromebooks, click here.

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Can Bakpax grade essays?

Bakpax cannot grade essays at this time due to their subjective nature and large variety of answers. You can, however, choose to grade longer responses manually by turning off autograde for questions.

Learn more about manual grading here.

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Does Bakpax work for my subject?

Bakpax grades any assignments with answers that are alphanumeric and consist of numbers or a few words. You can use it for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Languages that use latin letters (such as Spanish, French, and German), and more.

For more information on how your subject can use Bakpax, […]

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