For an assignment to be graded with Bakpax, it must have four QR-like codes and a barcode at the bottom. You must first Assign work to a virtual classroom in order for Bakpax to generate these codes. To assign work:

  1. Create/import your assignment to Bakpax to make it autogradable.
  2. Choose your assignment in My Content, then click “Assign” and choose the class you wish to assign the work to.
  3. Go to Assigned Work, and click the assignment you wish to print. Then, when you click the printer icon, choose Print For Students. This will allow you to save or print a PDF with the necessary codes.

Note: If you click the printer icon on the My Content page, you will have the options to Preview Only or Print For Class. Preview Only allows you to see a print preview of the assignment with a watermark and no codes. This preview is for your use only and cannot be autograded. Print For Class will allow you to assign the work or print a copy for a classroom that you assigned the work to already.