Teachers create virtual classrooms with Bakpax and enroll their students in these classes. They can then assign work to these classrooms by importing their assignments to Bakpax. This will create an autogradable assignment with four QR-like codes and a barcode, so Bakpax can read the answers.

In traditional classroom settings, teachers can print and hand out assignments for students to complete. Students will take photos of their finished handout with a mobile device, and Bakpax grades it in seconds.

In remote settings or for computer use, students can download and print their assignment, or complete it entirely electronically by choosing Complete Online.

As students submit their work, teachers can see the results roll in. They get detailed analytics like class median, class average, the questions the class missed the most, and individual student work. Teachers can manually correct grades if needed, and leave direct comments for students through Bakpax. For more information on manual grading, click here.

Learn more about how Bakpax works here.