Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-11-23T20:11:29+00:00

Below you’ll find the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions about Bakpax. For more detailed information about how you can use Bakpax, visit our Help Center.

What is Bakpax?2020-11-05T23:10:41+00:00

Bakpax uses artificial intelligence to read handwriting and grade assignments in seconds. It saves you time, provides students with instant feedback, and gives you deeper insights into class performance.

How does Bakpax work?2021-01-05T16:28:44+00:00

Teachers create virtual classrooms with Bakpax and enroll their students in these classes. They can then assign work to these classrooms by importing their assignments to Bakpax. This will create an autogradable assignment with four QR-like codes and a barcode, so Bakpax can read the answers.

In traditional classroom settings, teachers can print and hand out assignments for students to complete. Students will take photos of their finished handout with a mobile device, and Bakpax grades it in seconds.

In remote settings or for computer use, students can download and print their assignment, or complete it entirely electronically by choosing Complete Online.

As students submit their work, teachers can see the results roll in. They get detailed analytics like class median, class average, the questions the class missed the most, and individual student work. Teachers can manually correct grades if needed, and leave direct comments for students through Bakpax. For more information on manual grading, click here.

Learn more about how Bakpax works here.

Can Bakpax grade answers on any sheet of paper?2020-11-05T23:11:05+00:00

Your assignment will need to be imported to Bakpax so it can become autogradable, or you can choose from our library of standards-aligned, autogradable assignments. Autogradable assignments have four QR-like codes, one in each corner, as well as a barcode at the bottom. These codes are necessary for the AI to read and grade student answers in a single photo submission.

If students do not have a printed handout with the QR codes, they can submit individual photos of each answer written on ANY piece of paper if they choose Complete Online. (They can also choose to type their answers with this option if they wish.)

How do I create an assignment with Bakpax?2021-01-05T16:29:17+00:00

You have three ways to create an assignment with Bakpax. When you log in to Bakpax, click the tab at the top of the page that says My Content. From the My Content page, choose:

  1. Create an Assignment – create a blank assignment from scratch
  2. Import From File – use our import tool to convert a PDF or photo of your assignment into an autogradable assignment.
  3. Magic! – send your assignment and answer key to and we will import your assignment to your account for you, for free!

To learn more about Bakpax assignments, click here.

We also provide a free library of standards-aligned, ready-to-use assignments in the Discover page in Bakpax.

How do I get QR codes on my assignment?2020-11-05T23:11:16+00:00

For an assignment to be graded with Bakpax, it must have four QR-like codes and a barcode at the bottom. You must first Assign work to a virtual classroom in order for Bakpax to generate these codes. To assign work:

  1. Create/import your assignment to Bakpax to make it autogradable.
  2. Choose your assignment in My Content, then click “Assign” and choose the class you wish to assign the work to.
  3. Go to Assigned Work, and click the assignment you wish to print. Then, when you click the printer icon, choose Print For Students. This will allow you to save or print a PDF with the necessary codes.

Note: If you click the printer icon on the My Content page, you will have the options to Preview Only or Print For Class. Preview Only allows you to see a print preview of the assignment with a watermark and no codes. This preview is for your use only and cannot be autograded. Print For Class will allow you to assign the work or print a copy for a classroom that you assigned the work to already.

How do students submit work on Bakpax?2021-01-05T16:30:01+00:00

Students have some options to submit their work to Bakpax.

  1. Students can complete the assignment entirely online, without leaving Bakpax, by clicking Complete Online.
  2. Students can take a photo of their completed assignment handout with their mobile device.
  3. Students can download the PDF of the assignment and complete it on their computers, then upload the file to Bakpax.

For more information about submitting work, click here.

Why isn’t Bakpax reading my student upload?2021-01-05T16:30:31+00:00

To ensure that the AI can read your upload, check that:

  • Your assignment has four QR-like codes (one in each corner) and a barcode along the bottom, and they are fully printed on the page. If your printer cuts off the codes, try reducing the size of the printout.
  • There is no handwriting on or close to the codes.
  • Your assignment photo is well-lit and on a flat surface.

For more information on best practices for assignment uploads, click here.

Does Bakpax work for my subject?2021-01-05T16:31:41+00:00

Bakpax grades any assignments with answers that are alphanumeric and consist of numbers or a few words. You can use it for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Languages that use latin letters (such as Spanish, French, and German), and more.

For more information on how your subject can use Bakpax, check out the article Bakpax for My Subject.

Can Bakpax grade essays?2021-01-05T16:33:09+00:00

Bakpax cannot grade essays at this time due to their subjective nature and large variety of answers. You can, however, choose to grade longer responses manually by turning off autograde for questions.

Learn more about manual grading here.

Can students complete their work entirely online?2020-11-05T23:11:58+00:00

Yes! Students can complete their assignments directly in Bakpax by choosing the Complete Online option when submitting their work.

For more information about completing work online, click here.

Does Bakpax work for Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams?2020-11-05T23:12:05+00:00

Yes to both!

Bakpax makes it easy to share assignments to your Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. Students can also use Single-Sign-On to login to Bakpax with their Google account if they are 13 or older.

See our articles Bakpax & Google Classroom and Bakpax & Microsoft Teams for more information.

Does Bakpax support Chromebooks?2020-11-05T23:12:12+00:00

Yes! Your students can choose Complete Online to complete their assignments electronically on their Chromebooks.

For more information on using Bakpax with Chromebooks, click here.

How much does Bakpax cost?2020-11-23T20:00:32+00:00

Bakpax is free for teachers and students. For more information, click here.

Do you offer group pricing or discounts for groups of teachers?2020-11-23T20:07:32+00:00

For school and district licenses, please contact us at

How long are you offering free access to Bakpax?2020-12-01T17:19:50+00:00

Bakpax’s content library, paper-to-digital conversion, editing toolkit, and our unique autograding service will continue to be free for teachers and students.

Need more help? Visit our Help Center for detailed articles and videos, or contact for one-on-one support.

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