Important Bakpax Update:
We’re excited to announce that we have recently been acquired by Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). This means the Bakpax site will shut down on May 4, 2022. Additional details can be found here.

As part of TPT, we’re hard at work continuing to design teacher-centric technology to save you time and let you focus on what matters – your students. Check out Easel by TPT to see how we can continue to support you with a suite of digital tools.

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Bakpax offers free, standards-aligned K-12 assignments to inform and inspire your lesson planning.

With your Bakpax account, you can download, customize and store these alongside any other content you import to Bakpax for your students.

  • access pre-made autogradable assignments
  • edit, customize, and store any assignment

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More About Free Content

Discover Library

Access thousands of ready-made assignments in the Discover library with your Bakpax account. Assign them to your classes, or edit them first.

IM Geometry

Textbook Collections

Enjoy free, autogradable assignments from entire textbook collections.

Current textbooks: Illustrative Mathematics Algebra 1, Illustrative Mathematics Algebra 2, Illustrative Mathematics Geometry, Illustrative Mathematics Grade 6, 7, & 8

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Want to see the assignments before creating your account? Browse the Free Assignment Library, a public preview of what you can find in Bakpax.

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Additional Information

Free Standards-Aligned K-12 Assignments for Autograding

Teachers, educational administrators, homeschooling families, and others benefit from using free standards-aligned learning materials for elementary, middle and high school students alike. Ensuring that the educational resources are aligned with Common Core standards for each grade level helps ensure that a higher level of learning is attained, guides teachers in the process of assessment and helps keep their students on track.

Why Assignments and Learning Materials Need to Be Standards-Aligned

Aligning English, science, math, language arts and STEM content allows educators to collaborate better. Teachers who offer distance learning and classroom teaching will strive to teach the same material to the same level of difficulty for each grade. When materials are standards-aligned, it’s easier to maintain an online resource library and other learning tools. The development of textbooks is also easier with consistent, expected standards.

How Common Core Standards Benefit Education

Common core standards focus on helping students move forward on a path to success. They outline what a child should know by the end of each grade. A teacher’s performance and a student’s performance can be evaluated with the standards. When standards are consistent, it’s easier to compare teachers, schools, school districts and states on various performance measures, such as the percentage of third graders who can meet the English language arts requirements.

How Bakpax’s AI Streamlines Teacher Tasks

Creating content and autograding with Bakpax saves teachers time. Teachers spend hours creating content for their classes and grading student work. When teachers don’t have to spend all their time creating content and grading, they have more time to focus on other student needs, or their own needs.

Students also get instant feedback, and teachers will know where to focus more of their efforts in the classroom.