Save hours of time creating and grading student work with free textbook assignments from Bakpax. Your students can complete the work at home, enter the answers online, or upload a picture of the assignment, and you will receive immediate feedback on their performances.

As part of our Discover library, Bakpax offers collections of free, autogradable, editable assignments from entire textbook collections.

We offer free assignments from a wide range of subjects, including algebra, geometry, science, history, English, and French. Each assignment is designed to meet federal education standards for grades K through 12.

Bakpax’s AI reads and grades your students’ handwriting if they choose to work on paper – or they can submit their answers entirely online from any device!

To navigate to the textbook assignments in Bakpax, click the Discover tab when you’re logged in and look for the Textbooks section:


Bakpax offers the following textbook collections:

Illustrative Mathematics Algebra 1

Illustrative Mathematics Algebra 2

Illustrative Mathematics Geometry

Illustrative Mathematics Grade 6

Illustrative Mathematics Grade 7

Illustrative Mathematics Grade 8

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Forget about spending hours grading papers for 20 or 30 students. Bakpax free assignments are graded online using our AI. Even if your students complete their work with a printed worksheet, our AI can read their handwriting once they’ve uploaded a picture online. Plus, you’ll have access to hundreds of free assignments that can be downloaded with just a few clicks.

Explore the Discover library to find many other standards-aligned assignments that are not from textbooks. For more information on free assignments, click here.

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Instead of waiting days for assignments to be returned, students can get their grades instantly. This gives them immediate feedback on what they’re doing well and what they need to work on when they are still most engaged with the work.