Important Bakpax Update:
Bakpax was acquired by Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). The Bakpax platform was shut down on May 4th, 2022. Additional information can be found here.

As part of TPT, our team continues to help design teacher-centric technology to save you time and let you focus on what matters – your students. Check out Easel by TPT to see how we can continue to support you with a suite of digital tools.

How Students Submit to Bakpax

Submitting work to Bakpax is easy! Watch this short video to see the many ways students can submit assignments.

Watch the Video

The Student Experience

Watch this video to see the student experience – from creating an account to submitting a paper handout.

*Note that students also have the option to complete their assignments online. For more information about online submissions, click here.

Step-By-Step Student Walkthrough

Want to read a step-by-step guide with images? Check out the Getting Started for Students collection in the Bakpax Help Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions about the student experience:

Yes! You can leave a student feedback by navigating to the students’ individual Student Results page. To find that page, go to your Assigned Work. In the top row of the student submissions table, click on the student’s name and avatar. Beneath the student’s individual results summary, you will see the button “Add Comment For Student”.

Yes! To allow students to retry their incorrect answers, turn on the Allow students to retry option for your assigned work. This will allow every student in the class to retry any problem on the assignment.

Once retry is turned on, students can retry any problem by editing it from their grade results page. They just have to click/tap on the problem and select the Edit Response option to update their graded response. This will allow them to submit a new answer for the problem and improve their grade.

At this time, if you allow students to retry, they will have an unlimited number of retry attempts. Please note that if students have the option to See Correct Answer, they will lose the option to retry their response if they choose to see the correct answer.

You can receive email notifications when your students submit and when students request regrades.

To manage your email notification settings, click on your profile icon in the top right of any Bakpax page, and click My Account.

You can set submission windows and grace periods for your assignments. To learn more, click here.

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Getting Started Guide

Learn more about getting started with Bakpax here.

Live Webinars

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Help Center

Find detailed how-to guides in the Bakpax Help Center here.