Senior Software Engineer

Bakpax uses AI to read handwriting and grade assignments. We save teachers the time and trouble of grading, and give students instant feedback to increase their engagement. We can convert teachers’ handwritten content to formatted digital text that can be remixed and shared with other teachers.

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Job Description

You want to work with a team of people who get it. They've been around the block and they're still excited about making things. You communicate really well, and value others who do the same. You reflect and learn from your successes, and failures -- and you’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot. You want to work with a team of people who figure out a pragmatic, working deployment and CI setup, and then get back to the product. You have strong opinions that you wear lightly. You recognize there's a bunch of ways to do something well and the important thing is keeping the team working. You don't spend time bike shedding, nor do you want to explain why bike shedding is a waste of time. You want to be a whole person at work. You want time and flexibility to be you: to go on a walk, take care of your kid, go to the doctor and feel supported by your coworkers. And you want to support them so that they can live good lives too.

You're interested in making education better. You want to spend your limited time on this earth working towards something valuable. If you're reading this and considering this job, we can assume you are incredibly, incredibly lucky, because it means you have a marketable skill that pays very well. You have a career that you're interested in. You can decide where you want to work.

And you want to work somewhere that matters.

We are seeking senior engineers to join our team. Join as one of the first hires in a direct-to-consumer product startup that will make teachers' lives better and help to improve the learning outcomes of students. You will work with a small team of other very experienced engineers to get everything off the ground. From a computer vision and natural language processing pipeline, to the web API to the deployment & config system -- it all needs to be built. This will be very fun to build.

We are currently accepting for candidates from all countries in the timezones PST (UTC-8) to BRT (UTC-3).

Job Requirements:

  • 6 years industry experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Strong sense of agency & ownership
  • Built and deployed production systems serving hundreds of thousands of users
  • Experience with AWS

Nice to haves:

  • Worked for a very early stage startup (you know how to get things going from scratch).
  • An appreciation for strong static type systems

Technology we use

  • AWS - lambda, dynamodb, sqs, sns managed by Terraform.
  • Kotlin - strong statically typed functional language running on the JVM. We get algebraic datatypes AND the Java ecosystem!
  • Python - for various glue.
  • Phabricator - a developer's ticketing system. We require code review to keep our sanity.

More about the job:

  • Money - we will pay you
  • Equity - it's early stage so it's a good amount
  • Diversity - Diversity makes us stronger. We value inclusion and celebrate our differences!
  • Remote - we work remotely. This is nice, and, like anything, has its drawbacks. We're committed to helping each other work remotely while building a strong culture. We’ll get together in person from time to time to have fun together, hone our communication skills and plan.
  • Healthcare - our government does not provide it, so we will.
  • Be a hero to your teacher family members & friends - Seriously. If we can build this it will really be helpful.

Come work with us.

To apply please email your resume or LinkedIn account, personal website and github account, along with a brief description of why you're interested in joining Bakpax to