“I am able to use the assignments I’ve created for both online and offline work. This has been a game changer for hybrid learning!”

– Kelly Burnette

About Kelly

  • Middle School Math teacher

  • Teaching for over 10 years

  • Favorite Bakpax Features: Content Importer, Student Retries

  • Tools in her Classroom: Bakpax, Google Classroom, Kami, IXL

With Bakpax, Teachers Can Use the Same Lesson Plan Whether Students Are Remote or In-Person

Middle School math teacher, Kelly Burnette, learned about Bakpax from her Instructional Resource Technology team leading into back-to-school in 2020. She now uses it in 3 of her classes multiple times a week.

Kelly teaches a concept in a class, and then assigns work to her students in the same class to gauge their learning. She has a curriculum she loves, and she wanted to be able to keep using it whether her students were remote or in person.

Creating Content with Ease Using Bakpax

Kelly has used other platforms for content creation, but didn’t like that she always had to retype the content from her existing worksheets. Plus, some weren’t intuitive for math, which meant cumbersome extensions or difficult character entry.

Bakpax’s content importer automatically converts her existing worksheets into digital, editable text.

“It’s awesome to be able to upload multiple pages at once as well – it’s so fast. Also, if I make a mistake editing, I don’t have to start over again – it’s easy to jump from question to question and make any edits that are needed.”

Saving Time Creating Content and Grading

With other tools, Kelly would average about 10 minutes to create a worksheet, but with Bakpax’s content importer, it only takes a couple of minutes per worksheet.

“The content importer is a huge time saver.”

Kelly also saves a significant amount of time grading student work. “I allow my students to redo any worksheet they want to, so I’m constantly grading and re-checking work. If I graded a set of worksheets for 60 students, it would take me at least a minute for each sheet. With Bakpax, it reduces the amount of time I spend by at least half, if not more – and that’s only because I review all of the results from the autograder, not because I’m grading it myself.”

Time management has been a significant challenge for teachers, especially during the pandemic. “Bakpax has really helped with this.”

Helpful Tips

  • Upload multiple pages of content at the same time to convert them to Bakpax worksheets.
  • Turn on retries to allow students to try questions again if they don’t get it right the first time.

  • Use Bakpax’s Google Classroom integration to automatically sync class rosters, assigned work and grades.

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