“Bakpax is a life saver during virtual learning, It has made my life a million times easier. Virtual teaching is so hard and stressful but Bakpax took some of that weight off of me. This allowed my students to turn their assignments in without many problems! When I required students to show their work, there is a way to submit that work through the website. The autograding is also a lifesaver!” *

– Kristen Heard

About Kristen

  • High School Math teacher

  • Teaching for over 20 years

  • Favorite Bakpax Features: Bakpax’s autograder and access to remote learning for students

  • Tools in her Classroom: Bakpax, Google Classroom

Instant Feedback on Student Homework Transforms In-Class Learning

High School math teacher, Kristen, introduced Bakpax in her classroom at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year and now uses it 4 times a week in her classroom to give instant feedback to students on their homework.

Before the pandemic, Kristen’s students worked 100% on paper. While her school had adopted Google Classroom, she didn’t use it for her students. Now she uses a combination of Bakpax and Google Classroom, and benefits from the in-depth integration between the two platforms.

“The pandemic has forced teachers to become more technical, and that’s a good thing for us and for the students.”

Instant Feedback on Student Homework

With Bakpax, the grading is instant, and Kristen can still accept paper submissions from the students who are in person, or who prefer to work on paper.

To keep track of how students are doing, she monitors the email notifications that come in when students submit their work. Plus, scores auto-push to Google Classroom making it easy to have a full record of student scores.

Bakpax has transformed the role of homework in Kristen’s classroom. Her students now get instant feedback on their homework while they’re still engaged with it. She also allows students to retry their incorrect answers. It has changed the dynamic of how they are learning.

Saving Time Creating Content

Kristen takes content that she has created on Microsoft Word and easily turns it into Bakpax worksheets with Bakpax’s importer. There is no need for her to create new content for either her remote or in-person learners – she can use the content she already has and loves for every student.

Helpful Tips

  • Bakpax’s Google Classroom integration automatically syncs class rosters, assigned work and grades.
  • Use Bakpax’s content importer to save time creating digital, editable worksheets.

  • Bakpax’s email notifications let you see who has submitted work and when.

  • Allow Student Retries on homework so they can learn from the immediate feedback.

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