“One of the things the students don’t like about doing online math is that they have to type in their answers, but if they can actually write their answers and submit it that way, it’s so much easier for them. You open the doors for a lot of kids that way.”

– Kristina Levesque

About Kristina

  • High School Math teacher

  • Teaching for over 10 years

  • Favorite Bakpax Features: Bakpax’s autograder and the ability to use her own content

  • Tools in her Classroom: GoFormative, Google Classroom, Schoology, PowerSchool

Engaging Students with Easy Submissions and Instant Feedback to Daily Homework

Kristina, a high school math teacher, started using Bakpax at the beginning of 2021 and uses it daily to give instant feedback to students on their homework. She uses Bakpax’s performance analytics to go over the lowest-performing problems in class.

Kristina uses the Bakpax Google Classroom integration. She assigns student work on Bakpax and everything auto-populates on Google Classroom. She operates on a flipped classroom model, and posts a video with every worksheet she assigns.

Content Creation and Student Submissions are Easy

Some of Kristina’s students print out the worksheets, but most do the scratch work in their notebooks and then easily enter their answers into Bakpax.

She appreciates that she can import her own content onto Bakpax. She has also used Bakpax’s Magic! service, which helps teachers by importing batches of their content for them.

“I LOVE Magic! It’s truly magical. My colleague and I were both so pleased with it. It’s always so nice to get real conversations with someone via email and to hear back from people so quickly.”

Significant Time Savings

“The time savings using Bakpax is a lot.”

To look at every homework assignment for her students would take Kristina 30 minutes to an hour each day. The reality is that she might start the semester doing this, and would then have to stop, because it would be impossible to keep up with that much daily homework grading on top of tests and other assignments. “That has an even greater impact than the time spent grading, because the students would only be getting partial feedback.”

Bakpax helps Kristina consistently give instant feedback, which helps the students more than comparing their answers against an answer key.

“You hope that the students are using the answer keys as intended, but that’s often not the case. Often, the students will look at the answer and then work ‘backwards’ to see how they can solve for that answer, which is missing the point. Bakpax helps us avoid that dynamic. It saves me time and gives them consistent feedback.”

Students Are Engaging in the Materials

One of the biggest challenges Kristina faces is engaging with the students during remote learning. She coaches the swim team and is normally very involved with the students and feels connected to them. Teaching during the pandemic has been difficult for so many reasons, but particularly because it’s difficult to foster the same connections with students.

Kristina appreciates that Bakpax has been able to help increase student engagement with what they are learning, and hopes that the broader connections will come as students return to in-person learning. She plans to continue using Bakpax whether students are remote or in-person.

Helpful Tips

  • Bakpax’s Google Classroom integration automatically syncs class rosters, assigned work and grades.
  • Use Bakpax’s content importer to save time creating digital, editable worksheets.

  • Assign homework in Bakpax, so students get instant feedback.

  • Turn on retries to allow students to try questions again if they don’t get it right the first time.

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