Exciting news! Teachers can now add videos to assignments in Bakpax.

Now more than ever, video has become an important part of many teachers’ lesson plans. This new functionality gives teachers the flexibility to deliver lessons through Bakpax, and help students learn regardless of whether they are remote or in-person.

How Do Video Lessons Work in Bakpax?

Combine a video with any assignment to make an all-in-one learning module for any topic.

Teachers can upload an already-crafted video lesson or supplemental learning video from YouTube.

Students can watch the video, learn, try questions, and get autograded feedback – all without leaving. Bakpax. They can refer back to the video at any time, from any device.

How to Get Started with Video Lessons

Get started with video lessons in just a few clicks! For any assignment in the My Content page, click on the Lesson tab.

Add the link to any YouTube video and customize the title for your students.

When your students click on their assignment, they’ll see the video lesson before they start on the questions. They can save their work and refer back to the video lesson at any time.

To learn more about video lessons, click here.

We hope this feature helps you streamline your learning module by allowing you to put videos, assignments, and feedback all in one place for students.