You asked for them, we built them! Check out these highly requested features we’ve recently added to Bakpax.

Students Can Retry Assignments

The feature you’ve been waiting for is finally here! You can allow students to retry questions they got incorrect.

To do this, you will just need to turn on the Allow students to retry option for your assigned work. This will allow every student in the class to retry any problem on the assignment.

Here’s what it looks like for students:

To retry any incorrect problem, students will click Edit Response.

Please note that students will lose their ability to retry the question if they view the correct answer.

Export Grades to a CSV Spreadsheet

You can now export student grades for any assigned work to a CSV spreadsheet.

Navigate to your desired Assigned Work, and click the CSV button to download your file.

Now you can import the file to your LMS or gradebook. Plus, you can organize students in the spreadsheet by last name!

Auto-Push Assignments to Google Classroom

Google Classroom users, you can now auto-push your Bakpax assignments to Google Classroom!

Access this feature by clicking the Google Classroom icon from any classroom on your Classrooms page. This button will let you connect to Google Classroom and enable the auto-push feature that will link all of your future assigned works to Google Classroom instantly.

More New Features

  • You can now see your students’ avatars. How fun!
  • The student math keyboard got an update that makes it even easier to use.
  • Grading view got a makeover! Use it to view all answers for individual questions.
  • Hundreds of assignments from Illustrated Mathematics 6, 7, and 8 are now in the Discover library.
  • Teachers can share assignments to Discover. Explore other teachers’ collections, “favorite” assignments you like, and share your own.

What features do you want to see next?

These new features were made possible thanks to you! We prioritize new features based on what teachers tell us is most important to them.

You can suggest and vote on features you’d like to see on our Product Portal. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to help us improve Bakpax.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help you at

– The Bakpax Team