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We have some exciting features to share this month, including:

  • An entire textbook of FREE, autogradable assignments
  • Bakpax can read handwritten answers from ANY sheet of paper
  • Students can upload separate photos of their work
  • Plus, more improvements to help both you and your students get the most out of Bakpax.

245 FREE Assignments from Illustrative Mathematics Geometry Textbook

We’ve just released our second full textbook of assignments to Discover: Illustrative Mathematics Geometry. That’s 245 editable assignments that are ready to autograde with Bakpax.

IM Geometry

Let us know what textbooks you’d like to see next at

Students Can Take a Photo of ANY Answers on ANY Sheet of Paper

When a student chooses to complete an assignment online from their mobile device, they no longer need to type in their answer if they’ve already written it down. They can take a photo of their written answer for any question and Bakpax will read their handwriting and grade it.

Homework Answers

This means they can write the answer on anything – even the back of an envelope or a napkin. And they can still choose to work out their problems on paper and complete their assignment online without needing a printed Bakpax handout.

Students Can Upload a Separate Photo of Their Work

When students are completing assignments online from their mobile devices, they can now upload a photo of their work on scratch paper. This means that you can view their handwritten work no matter how they choose to submit their assignment.

Show Your Work

To enable this option for students, you will need to add a Blank Work Area to at least one question on the assignment (on the assignment’s Print Preview, it will say Show Work under the question).

More New Features

  • Students can view completed work and work that’s due with the new “Due” and “Complete” tabs.
  • Teachers can select multiple grade levels for classrooms and assignments.
  • The Math Editor got even better! Teachers can now easily edit math text (also known as LaTeX) by clicking on it to bring up the Math Editor.
  • Students can save Bakpax to their mobile device’s Home Screen like an app – allowing them easy access to their assignments, grades, and teacher feedback.

What features do you want to see next?

You can suggest and vote on features you’d like to see on our Product Portal. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help you at

– The Bakpax Team

P.S. Bakpax is offering Free Access indefinitely due to COVID-19. Thank you, teachers!

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