The outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has caused many educational institutions to close temporarily and rely on e-learning. As a result, we know that you and your children are adjusting to new ways of learning and engaging in school work.

We think Bakpax can be a helpful tool on this journey.


Bakpax uses artificial intelligence to grade assignments in seconds. Teachers can create and assign work to students on Bakpax from their existing lesson plans or by choosing content from our library of thousands of free standards-aligned worksheets.

Your child can:

  • See what work is due for each class and when.
  • Download the assignment and complete the work electronically, or print the assignment and complete it offline.
  • Submit completed work to Bakpax. To submit the completed assignment, your child can either take a picture of it with a phone or tablet, or upload from a file. They will receive instant grading and feedback.

As a parent, you can:

  • See what work your child has completed, and what they need to complete by which date
  • See what work your child has completed correctly, and what they may need more help on
  • Easily track your child’s progress with detailed reports

Accessing your child’s Bakpax account is easy:

  1. Log in to Bakpax via your child’s student account. Your child will create an account with a unique code from their teacher, and be automatically placed into their teacher’s Bakpax classroom.
  2. Your child’s assigned work will be listed under Assigned Work, including due dates.
  3. Click on any assignment to see whether it was submitted. If the assignment was submitted, you will immediately be able to see how they did, including questions that they might need more help with and any feedback from the teacher


This helpful demo shows how students can use Bakpax:

      We recently added new features to Bakpax that we think simplify the student upload process in remote situations:

      • Student Printing: Students can now print an assignment or save it as a PDF from their account.
      • Student PDF Upload: Students can now upload multi-page PDF files. This will allow students to complete work electronically for distance learning.

      We are happy to help by answering any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us at