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What will Bakpax cost?

This fall we’ll begin charging $9.99 for month-to-month, cancel-anytime membership, or $5.99/mo for an annual subscription.

Why will we be charging teachers?

If we could wave a magic wand and double every teacher’s salary, we would. We don’t like the fact that we have to charge teachers any more than you do. But if we tried to charge school districts, we’d end up spending all our money on salespeople rather than on product development. Even then, we’d have to wait years for district sales to begin producing revenue — we’d go out of business before then.

Our hope is that teachers will try the product themselves and, over time, convince their schools to pick up the cost. (Schools and departments can apply for a discounted “Group Rate” by contacting us at We’re also going to produce Bakpax Gift Cards so that people can gift Bakpax subscriptions to the teachers in their lives. Teachers don’t need gift cards to get $5 lattes — they need more time in their days! (Though, to be fair, coffee IS awesome.)

Ultimately, teachers will decide for themselves if Bakpax is right for them. For most teachers, Bakpax’s price divided by the number of hours saved is a small fraction of their hourly salary. For teachers who want more spare time to work a second job, it pays for itself almost instantly. But either way, time is valuable — for our health, happiness, and peace of mind. If enough teachers agree, we’ll be able to keep building and improving the Bakpax service.

Right now, we have an Early Access Plan which allows you to use Bakpax for FREE until Back to School, 2019.

Early Access Subscribers Will Receive 1 Month Free

This fall we'll begin charging $9.99/mo or $5.99/mo for an annual subscription.

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