We know it can be overwhelming to learn how to use a new technology for your classroom. We’re here to make getting started with Bakpax as quick and as easy as possible.

Bakpax helps you:

  • Autograde assignments
  • Give students instant feedback
  • Gain insights into student performance

Here’s how it works:

How It Works

Step 1: Create a Virtual Classroom and Enroll Your Students

After signing up for Bakpax, create a virtual classroom and enroll your students.

This video walks you through how to create a classroom:

This article explains how to enroll students in your virtual classroom.

P.S. You can always wait to enroll students until you are ready to assign work.

Step 2: Import Your Assignments to Bakpax

Import your assignments to Bakpax, so they can be converted into an autogradable format.

Click My Content at the top of the page to create your assignment.

Screen Shot 2020 03 31 at 4.39.20 PM

Step 3: Assign Your Work to a Classroom

Bakpax assignments have four codes, one in each corner, and a barcode at the bottom. These codes need to be visible in the student upload in order for Bakpax to grade the assignment.

file 7qpR3S2T5d

To get these codes on your assignment, click Assign, and assign your work to a virtual classroom. Now your students can see the work that they need to complete for your class.

Step 4: Students Upload Their Finished Assignments

There are a couple of ways that students can upload their assignments to Bakpax.

  1. Students can complete their assignments online without leaving Bakpax by choosing Complete Online.
  2. In a traditional in-school setting, teachers can print their autogradable Bakpax assignments and give them to students as handouts. When a student completes the handout, they take a photo of the assignment with their mobile device, and it is autograded by Bakpax. In a remote learning setting, students who wish to work offline can print their own handout.

No matter which option students choose, they can review their answers before they submit. Once they submit their assignment, they’ll receive instant feedback on what they got correct and incorrect.

For more information on E-Learning with Bakpax, click here.

Step 5: Get Insights Into Student Performance

As you watch student submissions roll in, you’ll get insights to your class such as:

  • Class median, mean, and the question your class missed the most
  • A visual representation of your students’ grades in a graph
  • Each student’s answers, as well as pictures of their assignments so you can see their work
  • Grades by question to see all student submissions for each question

You’ll be able to give them feedback directly from Bakpax, and make corrections to their grades if needed.

How It Works 2

Additional Resources

If you need help getting started with Bakpax, please reach out to support@bakpax.com. We are happy to offer answers to your questions or schedule a one-on-one demo to teach you how to use Bakpax.