Important Bakpax Update:
We’re excited to announce that we have recently been acquired by Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). This means the Bakpax site will shut down on May 4, 2022. Additional details can be found here.

As part of TPT, we’re hard at work continuing to design teacher-centric technology to save you time and let you focus on what matters – your students. Check out Easel by TPT to see how we can continue to support you with a suite of digital tools.

Bakpax helps teachers with all they do outside of the classroom.

Besides teaching, educators spend hours finding, creating, editing, sharing, assigning, and – especially – grading content. Bakpax uses AI to streamline and automate these time-consuming tasks.

We’re combining AI, content, and community to build the ultimate learning platform.

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With Bakpax, your teachers benefit from:

  • time saved with autograding
  • easy digital conversion

  • free content

  • creation & editing tools

  • ability to share content

  • insights into student performance

With Bakpax, your students benefit from:

  • equitable access with Bakpax
  • ability to submit online from any device or with paper and a picture

  • instant feedback when they are most engaged in what they are learning

School & District Features

Personalized onboarding, including webinars & training
Priority support
Unlimited content importing support, including custom content & district textbooks
School & District-level reporting
Priority input on Bakpax’s new and upcoming features
Early-adopter pricing held through 2022-23 school year

In addition to priority input, Bakpax is exploring integrations across different systems. As an early-adopter, your district would be able to provide input on what systems to integrate with and what features make integration easiest for you, your teachers, and your students.

We continue to have a free basic offering for individual teachers and students that includes use of the autograder, virtual classrooms, content creation and editing tools, and our free library.

Teachers & Students Love Bakpax!

“I loved how easy it is to use. The amount of time it takes to grade papers is drastically reduced. This product is exactly what I was looking for. Grading papers took up a lot of time. Now I can grade an assignment in less than 5 minutes! An educator’s dream come true!”
– Eva J., Teacher

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Tens of thousands of teachers are taking back their time.

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