“The big sell for me at the beginning was the time saving and having the students get instant feedback – to instantly see how they are doing and take ownership of their learning. But then, there are just so many silver lining benefits to them using it. There have been so many more benefits than I expected. I’m a big proponent of Bakpax.”

– Shana Krakowiecki

About Shana

  • Middle School Math Teacher

  • Favorite Bakpax Features: Content Importer, Instant Feedback, Student Rewards

  • Tools in her Classroom: video lessons for flipped classroom model

Improve Learning Outcomes with Instant Feedback

Shana started using Bakpax in the Fall of 2020, because she felt there had to be a better way to engage students in online learning. During lockdown, she was amazed and frustrated at how many students simply didn’t engage. Shana now uses Bakpax for daily homework and has seen an improvement in student engagement.

Give Students Ownership of their Learning Outcomes

Shana has recently switched to a flipped classroom model. Her students watch video lessons and complete practice problems in Bakpax. Shana can instantly see how students are doing on the work, go over the incorrect problems in class, and make adjustments to her lesson.

Her students get instant feedback on what problems need correction. “Their outcomes have improved, and their ownership of the outcomes has improved.”

Save Time Importing Worksheets

Shana uses worksheets from her teacher workbooks. She downloads or scans her teacher workbooks, and imports the files to Bakpax. Bakpax’s content importer quickly converts the worksheets to editable, autogradable assignments.

“Oh my gosh, when I first started using the importer I thought, this is so easy. If it reads something wrong I can edit it right there. I find it so easy to use. It’s fantastic.”

Engage Students with Bakpax Rewards

Shana’s high school students love Bakpax avatar rewards. They unlock new avatars with every assignment they complete, motivating them to engage in their work.

“My students talk to each other about what rewards they get on Bakpax like it’s a competition or something. Someone unlocked a penguin, and everyone was talking about what they got. I didn’t even know what they were talking about, and when I realized, I thought, right, that totally makes sense that they do that! My students love that instant reward. It’s an incentive for them to do well.”

Helpful Tips

  • Attach video lessons to any Bakpax assignment, so students can learn at their own pace and refer back to the lesson.
  • Students can complete work on paper from their workbooks or textbooks and take pictures of their handwritten answers for instant feedback.

  • Use Bakpax to immediately see where the class is having difficulty, and go over those problems as a class.

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