Teachers, we know you’ve been looking for an easy way for students to submit their assignments online. It’s here! Students can now complete their work directly in Bakpax, without leaving the site.

That means that students can complete their Bakpax assignments from any device that has an internet connection.

How It Works

1. When you Assign an assignment to a classroom, ensure that “Allow Students to Complete Online” is turned on.

Allow Students to Complete Online

2. When students log in to Bakpax and click on their assignment, they will be able to choose the option Complete Online.

Complete Online

3. Students can read through sections and instructions, write their answers, and see their progress on the assignment.

Progress Bar

Students can also skip ahead and go back to questions that they are unsure about before submitting. Please note that once students start an assignment, they must complete all questions and submit. If they exit the assignment in the middle of working, they will have to begin again.

Quit Assignment

4. Once they submit their answers, students will get instant feedback.


They will also see the correct answers, if you selected “Show Correct Answers” when you assigned the assignment.

Results Page

This process has been designed to be engaging and motivating for students. They may even be lucky enough to see a surprise on their results page! 🦙

5. As a teacher, you’ll be able to see the results roll in as assignments are submitted and keep track of student progress.

From the Assigned Work, you can see what students got correct and incorrect, and grade answers manually for questions where you turned Autograde off. For more information on manual grading, click here.

Other Student Upload Options

Your students can still print and take a photo of their handwritten assignments, or download the blank assignment PDF, edit it, and submit the file to Bakpax. When school is back in session, you can print handouts for your students to complete and upload to Bakpax.

We hope these options help make Bakpax more accessible for you and your students!

How to Use Bakpax for E-Learning

Now that students can complete their assignments directly online, using Bakpax for remote learning just got even easier! Learn more about how to use Bakpax for your E-Learning plan here.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources to help you navigate Bakpax:

If you need help getting started with Bakpax, please reach out to support@bakpax.com. We are happy to offer answers to your questions or schedule a one-on-one demo to teach you how to use Bakpax.

Check out how it works!