How fun are these profile avatars?

One of the first steps students take in Bakpax is choosing their avatar. Avatars are here to help increase student engagement in their school work. Plus, we think they’re pretty adorable!

Fun fact: When students finish their assignments, they see a surprise animation of their avatar!

There are over 150 different avatars to choose from in Bakpax, ranging from real species to fantasy creatures and food items.

We love student avatars, and we want to share with you the top 10 most popular avatars your students select. Do their choices surprise you?

#10 – Red Salamander

The 10th most popular student avatar is the red salamander. With its friendly smile and cool spots, it’s no surprise this one is a fan favorite among students!

#9 – Cardinal

Birds are a popular choice for students, in part because there are 25 different bird avatars they can choose from.

The Number 9 most chosen avatar is an iconic bright red bird – the cardinal!

#8 – Bald Eagle

The 8th most popular student avatar is another iconic bird, the bald eagle.

#7 – Raccoon

The raccoon is the 7th most loved avatar by students. Those eyes, markings, and bushy tail make the raccoon an easy choice!

#6 – Snowy Owl

From the five different owl species students can select, their top pick is the snowy owl. We wonder if Hedwig from Harry Potter has anything to do with it?

#5 – Panda

5th place goes to the only bear avatar in the top 10, the beloved panda.

#4 – Donut

The 4th most popular student avatar isn’t an animal at all… It’s a donut with pink icing and sprinkles!

#3 – Penguin

Students’ top 3rd avatar is this adorable penguin. What’s not to love about that little face?

#2 – Black Bat

2nd place for most popular student avatar is our upside down friend, the black bat!

And last but not least, #1 is…

#1 – Avocado

The Avocado! It turns out that avocados are still a trend with students these days, because the avocado is the most loved avatar by a landslide!

And that’s a wrap!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about your students’ favorite things and how avatars help increase student engagement. Do you wish you could see your students’ avatars from your teacher account? Stay tuned!

– The Bakpax Team

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