You’d love to help teachers teach and students learn. You believe education provides hope and opportunity. It changes lives. You’ve probably experienced the transformational power of education in your own life. And you’ve probably wondered that the fundamental technologies of education — the classroom, the chalkboard, the textbook — are all hundreds, even thousands, of years old. Information technology has been transforming the world for thirty years — where are the breakthrough technologies for learning?

You want to work with a team of people who get it. They’ve got a great product strategy and also a great go-to-market strategy. They’ve got deep experience, but they’re more excited than ever about making things. You want to work with people who are humble, but confident in what they’re doing and driven to do it well. You communicate clearly, succinctly, and amiably, and value others who do likewise. You reflect and learn from your successes and failures. You’re not afraid of failure, because sometimes it’s the only way to get better, and you’re not afraid to do what it takes to get better. You want to work with incredible engineers — who don’t need to “put their product hats on” because they’re always thinking about the product. You listen and you watch. You put yourself in the position of others.

You crave a work environment where you can be a whole person. You want time and flexibility to be yourself: to go on a walk, take care of loved ones, go to the doctor, and feel supported by your coworkers. And you want to support them so that they can live good lives too.

You are awesome at what you do and you could work anywhere. But maybe you’ve come to realize that you only have so many years on this earth to leave your mark. And where better to leave it than in education? Education determines the flow rate of human progress in all endeavors. It’s the ultimate Archimedes’ lever.

If you’re reading this and considering this job, we can assume you are incredibly, incredibly lucky, because it means you have marketable skills that pay very well. You have a career you love. You can decide where you want to work. And you want to work somewhere that matters.

Come work with us.

Bakpax uses AI to read handwriting and grade assignments in seconds. It gives teachers deeper insights into class performance and gives students immediate feedback, increasing their engagement. We can convert teachers’ handwritten content to formatted digital text that can be remixed and shared with other teachers’.

We are seeking a user experience researcher to join our team. We are looking for someone who is a wizard in this role, naturally empathetic to teachers and students, and an expert at gaining a deep understanding of customer needs. You are insightful, intelligent, and insatiably curious. You don’t hesitate to offer your broader skills and knowledge wherever you see the need, adapting flexibly to changing priorities, and finding creative new methods that work best in a small team environment.

Job Requirements:

  • A desire to help teachers teach and students learn
  • Exceptionally organized
  • Strong sense of ownership
  • Highly analytical
  • Exceptional communication skills with a focus on listening
  • A keen eye for observing the nuances of human behavior
  • Experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Experience launching multiple direct-to-consumer products or features
  • 3+ years as a user experience researcher
  • Scrappiness — You excel in a startup environment, finding creative solutions within tight resource constraints

Job Responsibilities:

  • Compile incoming user feedback from all channels
  • Product research & competitive analysis
  • Design and conduct surveys, polls, user interviews, and usability tests
  • Market research requirements, support, and followup
  • Review internal analytics, heatmaps, and usage videos
  • Build and maintain relationships with our top teachers
  • Compile findings and regularly share with team
  • Contribute to product roadmap planning

Nice to haves:

  • Worked for a very early stage startup (you know how to get things going from scratch).
  • Experience in user experience design or product management
  • Experience as a data analyst or business analyst / consultant
  • Worked in education

More about the job:

  • Part-time role
  • Money – We will pay you.
  • Remote – We work remotely. This is nice, and, like anything, has its drawbacks. We’re committed to helping each other work remotely while building a strong culture. We get together in person from time to time to have fun together, hone our skills and strategies, and plan.
  • Be a hero to your teacher family members & friends – Seriously. If we can build this it will really be helpful.

To apply, please email your resume and a brief paragraph about why you are interested in joining us as a User Experience Researcher to